Talk: “Interactive Web Animation with SVG” with Cassie Evans

Have you ever felt uninspired by the every-day grind? Like coding is all work and no play? Come with me as I take you on a whistle-stop tour of delightful SVG animations. I’ll also ask for some audience participation, as interaction is what makes motion on the web so fun! By the end of this talk, you will feel enthused and inspired to make your own creative web animations with SVG.

About Cassie Evans

Cassie has a lot of love for animation, especially animation on the web. She can usually be found tinkering on Codepen and nerding out about colour palettes.

She is a core organiser of codebar Brighton, a non-profit initiative that runs free programming workshops and currently works as a Front-end Developer at Clearleft in Brighton.

Release Date
Talk in Berlin 2019
Conversational Semantics
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