Talk: “CSS at the Intersection” with Natalya Shelburne

Throughout the talk I discuss the mental models we construct in tech, the cognitive dissonance we experience when confronted with new ideas, specifically about CSS.

We know CSS has a separate mental model because we keep hearing the same debate rage on: “Is CSS broken or awesome?” This talk is about enabling teams to communicate and accommodate these different mental models. I share examples of effective tools, and how they change the way designers and developers interact.

Natalya Shelburne

Natalya Shelburne is a developer, designer, writer, educator, speaker, and artist. She is a software engineer at The New York Times and an occasional instructor at Harvard Extension School. Natalya holds bachelor's degrees in Studio Art and Psychology, and a master's in Creativity and Talent Development. Crossing disciplines and building bridges between design and engineering is at the foundation of much of her work.

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Talk in Berlin 2019
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