#axbt Hamburg, Germany 19 May 2022

Sharon Steed

Sharon Steed is an international keynote speaker, author and founder of Communilogue, a corporate empathy and communications consultancy. She is a subject matter expert on empathy at work; she helps teams revolutionise the way they communicate, collaborate and approach diversity and inclusion by engaging empathy.

Sharon has spoken at companies and conferences in 17 countries spanning five continents, with a focus on improving team communication and collaboration through engaging empathy and vulnerability as a professional asset. She has given a TEDx talk on empowering insecurities.

A lifelong stutterer, Sharon uses her speech impediment to both teach what empathy is and to inspire audiences to engage in empathy actions daily. An author and course instructor for O’Reilly Media, Inc., her eBook Empathy at Work is available in the O’Reilly library. Sharon’s LinkedIn Learning course “Communicating With Empathy” has over 400,000 views. A Midwestern native, she currently lives in Pittsburgh.

The Joy of Vulnerability

Your career can take you so many places - and many of those places would not be where you original sought out to go originally. The uncertainty of life in general can be tedious and anxiety inducing. Add in to that a career that isn’t going exactly as planned, and everything can seem overwhelming and discouraging. But having an open mind and being vulnerable can be one of your biggest benefits during a tumultuous time. This talks explores the joy of vulnerability at work and in life. Sharon will talk about how being vulnerable changed the trajectory of her life and career; explore the benefits (and drawbacks) of being more open; and discuss how vulnerability and empathy are interconnected in the search for meaningful work.