#btconf Düsseldorf, Germany 15 - 17 May 2017

Mozilla Developer Roadshow

Mozilla Developer Roadshow

We are delighted to present the Mozilla Developer Roadshow, as part of our Side Events on May 14. Two talks and a nice afternoon at sipgate – hosting this Side event – before the Warm-Up starts.

If you are in town, why not stopping by and enjoying a talk about Offline First with Ola Gasidlo and about WebAssembly by Jan-Erik Rediger? Check detailed information below.

Dates, times, location

Date: Sunday, 14 May 2017
Time: 3pm - 6pm

Gladbacher Str. 74
40219 Düsseldorf

I'm offline, cool! What now?

We learned a lot about the offline first concept in the past three years including Service Worker, CouchDB etc. Did we do everything already to make our applications offline first? Is caching the resources enough? Did we answer all the questions already and if not… What are the new questions we need to answer? In this talk, I’ll show you what has changed in the last few years, how people did adapt the concept and what are the best practices. And most importantly, can offline first help to save lives?

About Ola

Ola is a Web Compatibility Engineer at Mozilla living in Berlin, who is very passionate about Open Source, the Offline First concept, web standards and empowering people. She loves making the web accessible for everyone, riding the trails, and daughter-driven development.

WebAssembly for the rest of us

Did you ever want to port that cool game you built to the browser? Or have your 3D design app work there as well? It's already possible now, but it will get even better in the future! We have asm.js as a subset of JavaScript, optimized for use cases like games, compression or image editing. WebAssembly quite recently got stabilized and is available in browsers. It promises to take this one step further by reducing storage size and decoding time, while providing the same safe sandboxed environment with near-native performance. It takes your native code, no matter if C or Rust, and turns that into something that runs blazingly fast in your browser.

About Jan-Erik

Jan-Erik is a student of Computer Science, living in Aachen, Germany. When he's not studying, he's using his time to bring native asm.js and WebAssembly support to the Rust compiler.

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