#btconf Düsseldorf, Germany 15 - 17 May 2017

Learn How to Draw (better) in One Day

When Yuko was an art student, she used to picture a finished image in her head but what came out from her right hand was nowhere close to what she imagined. The images were trapped in her head, wanting to be released, but she couldn’t get them out. Yuko soon figured out what she was lacking, was basic drawing skills. From then on till she graduated art school, she took every drawing class she could fit into her schedule. It was the best decision she made.

There is a very small number of people who are naturally talented in drawing. For the rest of us, we can get better, but only if we practice. Of course, you don’t get dramatically better in just one day. It takes time, it needs practice. However, one can learn the tips on how to be a better drawer in one day. The rest is remembering the tips and keep on working.

Because all those drawing classes helped Yuko so much, and she eventually ended up becoming an art school drawing instructor herself, she has been wanting to pass on those tips.

Consider this workshop as a one day “drawing boot camp”. Digest version of a drawing class that is usually taught in one year.

There will be bunch of small drawing practices you’ll do together. Yuko’s goal is for you to have fun while learning. You will be drawing each other, you will be drawing yourselves, you will ask the volunteers to model for you and have model drawing sessions (clothed), and you may even head outside a bit to draw familiar and unfamiliar objects.

There will be four main points

  1. Learn how to see: good drawing starts from seeing things accurately. You will practice to break the barrier between drawing what you see and drawing what you think you see, the latter is a habit a lot of the artists cannot break out of. Once you learn how to draw what you actually see, your drawing skill gets dramatically better.

  2. Building confidence: Good drawing is, surprisingly, NOT really about good skills. Let Yuko explain that during the workshop. The No.1 importance in good drawing is actually confidence. Let’s work on that together (… and to get ready to throw that eraser away. Or, hide, at least).

  3. Building visual memory: Have you ever fantasised about being able to draw right out of your head? You’ll do some exercises on building visual memory. Building visual memory is like having your own picture dictionary in your head and keep adding images to it.

  4. See things like an artist: Artists are called artists, because they can see things differently from how other people see.

Who is it for

From beginner to advanced, it’s a fun day of drawing together whatever your level is.

Things you’ll learn

  1. Do not be afraid of that pen in your hand
  2. Basic and advanced drawing skills
  3. Tips and tricks to get better at drawing
  4. This is fun and not painful – seriously
  5. Drawing is for everyone, even if you think you can’t do it!

When and where is the workshop taking place?

This workshop is taking place on May 14th from 10am to 5pm at the sipgate office, Gladbacher Str. 74 in Düsseldorf.

Students with a valid student ID are able to get a ticket for €99 including VAT and fees. Please email us to get the student discount.

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