#btconf Düsseldorf, Germany 07 - 09 May 2018

Claire L. Evans

Claire L. Evans is a writer and artist working in Los Angeles. Her day job is as the singer and coauthor of the conceptual pop group YACHT. A science journalist and science-fiction critic, she is the founding editor of Terraform, VICE's science-fiction vertical, and has contributed to Motherboard, VICE, Frieze, The Guardian, WIRED, and Aeon. She regularly participates in panels, conferences, and screenings on the subject of technology and culture, including Moogfest, Eyeo Festival, Versions, WIRED x Design, the UCLA Center for the Art of Performance, the Kitchen, the Rubin Museum, the Hirshhorn Museum, TEDx, and the Center for Science and the Imagination. She is a member of the cyberfeminist collective Deep Lab, and her first book, Broad Band: The Untold Story of the Women who Made the Internet, will be published by Penguin Random House in Spring 2018.

Broad Band – What History’s Female Internet Pioneers can Teach us about Tomorrow

Claire Evans, author of Broad Band: The Untold History of the Women who Made the Internet, will share stories about the hardworking women who challenged convention to make key contributions to the history of our century’s most transformative cultural technology—the Internet. As we face issues of privacy, identity, and society in a networked world, we have much to learn from these women, who anticipated the Internet’s greatest problems, faced them, and discovered solutions we can still use today.


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