#btconf Munich, Germany 15 - 17 Jan 2018

On this page you find all information concerning the venues, suggestions for hotels as well as a brief description about how to get to the conference. If anything is missing, or you have questions, please don't hesitate to contact us!



When we were looking for a venue that fits the idea of beyond tellerrand, we actually wanted to pick a different venue. But then, when checking the venue, we found out, that the theater was lovely, but there was no space to hang out during the breaks. Remembering the Künstlerhaus in Munich then, we checked it and decided to have the very first beyond tellerrand in the Künstlerhaus in Munich, a venue different to the other two in Düsseldorf and Berlin, but fitting the idea of beyond tellerrand as well.

Originally the Münchner Künstlerhaus was built as a meeting place for artists and society alike and is still living proof of the style and society model of its time of origin.

The historical building itself but also its culture of festivities has become a vital part of the history of Munich. The name of the venue with its umlauts can be a bit tricky for foreign visitors. That is, why it often is translated to “Munich House of Artists”. In 1893 prince regent Luitpold has laid the foundation stone of the building designed by architect Gabriel von Seidl and in 1900 Luitpold opened the house to the public in person.

We think that the atmosphere and historic charme fit the iddea of running beyond tellerrand in an venue, that is different to a congress center or hotel. And we are excited to see what you think about it.

Münchener Künstlerhaus

Lenbachplatz 8
80333 München

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Workshop Venue TBA


We already have a workshop venue fixed, but we currently look into details. As soon as everything is as polished as it needs to be, we'll present you where the workshops take place right here. Stay tuned.

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