#btconf Munich, Germany 14 - 15 Nov 2022

On this page you find all information concerning the venues, suggestions for hotels as well as a brief description about how to get to the conference. If anything is missing, or you have questions, please don't hesitate to contact us!

Muffatwerk (Conference, Main Event)

Originally, a single fountain house, securing the water supply for the neighbourhood named “Haidhausen,” stood at the site of today’s ensemble of buildings. It was constructed in 1837 by “Stadtbaurat” (planning director) and architect Franz Karl Muffat.

In 1973 the power station was shut down and nowadays, the former turbine hall of the hydropower station is housing “Muffathalle” and “Muffatcafé.” The original boiler house built in Greek Revival style has been remodelled by a team of emerging architects and, today, accommodates the club “Ampere”.

I think the venue fits the idea of beyond tellerrand and am totally happy to use this venue as new home for our Munich edition and hope the the known spirit and atmosphere of beyond tellerrand events will also be noticable here.

Event Partners