Front End Development Lead

We’re looking for a Front End Development Lead to help grow our team. Shopify powers hundreds of thousands of merchants around the world. To help them, our team makes our client-side scalable, approachable, and an extraordinary experience. Besides writing great client-side code, we also build new product features and developer-facing tools. We want to take complex concepts and make them approachable for our merchants. We want to help the rest of our R&D organization build great UI. We want to evangelize code quality and amazing user experience. And we want you to help us.

Passion and curiosity go a long way. Even if you aren’t able to check every box below, please still consider applying. We are dedicated to building a diverse team and providing an inclusive workplace for all. We especially encourage members of underrepresented groups to apply.

As a Lead, you'll focus on:

  • Building Shopify:
  • Work on planning, resourcing, and executing projects
  • Help your team define their roadmap and how you’ll get there
  • Help your team make decisions
  • Be a source of knowledge in your product domain
  • Give feedback on and help build the product
  • Supporting and developing your direct reports:
  • Mentor and create growth opportunities for the people on your team
  • Grow your team’s expertise in their craft and in their communication (and your own!)
  • Help your team obsess with the problem—are they engaged, resourceful, thinking about impact?
  • Supporting and building the front end and UX disciplines:
  • Collaborate with other leads across the company
  • Think about what other teams and leads may learn from you, and what you can you learn from them
  • Seek opportunities to build Shopify's presence in the UX community

Here are projects this team has been championing lately:

  • Teaching and learning the latest technologies and standards using peer mentorship and collaboration
  • Collaborating with other disciplines, from engineering to design, to help develop front end solutions
  • Being an advocate throughout the company for great UX
  • Building applications that are responsive, performant, accessible, and well-tested
  • Building products and tools to help millions of people start their entrepreneurial journeys
  • Working with product marketing and communications teams to build Shopify’s brand
  • Building an application platform that supports thousands of third-party partners
  • Helping our merchants sell through new Sales Channels (like Facebook Messenger and Amazon)

Some people you might work with here:

  • Monika Piotrowicz, Director of UX
  • Dave Newton, Front End Developer Lead, Product
  • Marki Sveen, Front End Developer, Channels Platform
  • Haani Bokhari, Front End Developer Lead, Growth R&D
  • Steven Thomas, Front End Developer Lead, Growth
  • Gianni Chiappetta, Front End Developer Lead, Application Platform
  • Brandon Chu, Director of Product

Tools and nitty gritty of the team 🛠 : (Is this stuff new to you? That’s OK! Not everybody is familiar with this stack, and we provide support to learn on the job.)

  • We focus on writing scalable HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, and documenting patterns and components in our UX style guides
  • We are modernizing our front end stack to use a component system built with React, TypeScript, SASS, and CSS modules
  • Shopify is the world’s largest Ruby on Rails application. Our front end developers work closely with back end engineers to build our products
  • We build Shopify with a collaborative code review process using Github Flow

How to apply

Are you interested in helping us shape the future of front end development at Shopify? Submit your application using this link. Please address your cover letter to our Director of UX, Monika Piotrowicz.

Toronto, Canada
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