Capturing the Moment – Florian Ziegler

I can’t really tell you, from out of my head, when Florian Ziegler has been at beyond tellerrand for the very first time. Not because I might not be able to remember, but because it feels like he always has been there. He is part of the, what I call, family that has grown and evolved around beyond tellerrand within the last 14 years.

Well, I am honest to you. I looked at the first set of photos that I have from Florian and it is from 2018. But again: Florian is so much a part from beyond tellerrand, that it does not feel like he has not been there in the years before 2018.

Back then I already thought ”When the heck did he shoot these photos?”, meaning that I was totally impressed how unobtrusive Florian is when he takes his photos. You mostly don’t see or feel him and therefore his photos often show situations that people sitting in front of the stage won’t see and notice.

Surely you also need those shots, showing the audience in action, Partner booths with lots of people in front of them and all this and I equally like those, don’t get me wrong. But for me, looking back at the event with my emotional bit of me, I love to look at Florian’s shots and get this warm feeling again, that I have, when I run my events (like, when I look at this one with my two buddies, Guido and Rob – what a great photo!).


Also in Düsseldorf Florian was part of the show again and captured some really wonderful moments of the festival. You can find the whole set of photos on Florian’s website or our photo gallery.

Thank you so much, Florian, for being part of my little festival each time and helping me to remember. Wonderful to have you being part of all this!