Custom Notebooks for our beyond tellerrand

Justin Avery one day came to me with the idea of creating customised notebook for my event. I loved the ones he created before and so I listened to his idea and we played a bit of idea-pingpong to see what would fit the event, his idea and my expectations.

Justin came up with a couple of great ideas of which I would have loved to do a few for Munich, but in the end, he came up with a great and good looking idea which is timeless and not connected to a specific design of an event.

The result of what Justin created

The outcome was extremely high quality and now, after the first event in Munich is done, Justing has written a blog post, explaining the process from idea to final product. I can only highly recommend working with Justin, in case you think of getting notebooks for your event done. Not only did he deliver a good product, but is a nice person as well.

Read: Custom Conference Notebooks - Beyond Tellerrand

A personal and handy touch inside created
You can also personalise your notebook