Opening Titles for Düsseldorf 2024

I am totally happy that Sebastian Lange once more was part of beyond tellerrand and created the wonderful opening titles for this years festival. My idea of opening titles is, that this is the very first thing all the attendees see after they entered the theatre. In a way you could say, that the opening titles set the tone for the upcoming event. With this idea in mind, I love them to be friendly, uplifting and make the attendees excited for what is coming. That said, I never really brief the people creating those opening titles. They have creative freedom, after I only told them about my idea as written above.

Sebastian has created more titles than anyone else has and always hits the nail on the head. This time his idea was, that the event itself is like a cocktail with many ingredients. Those ingredients could be seen as the speakers of such an event and each of the ingredients makes the taste of the complete and final cocktail – beyond tellerrand. Thanks so much for creating these, dear Sebastian. Complete credits below the video …


Direction / Motion Design / Editing:
Sebastian Lange, DOTS

Rafael Grasse, Shy Collective

Felix Blumenstein, Jacob Lescow, Dominic Huber

Location & Barmixer:
One Trick Pony Freiburg, Boris Gröner

Big thank you to each of the people who have been part of this!