Using H2R Gear to make a plan …

… and not to forget everything again. ;)

For 20+ years I organise and run events. For 10+ years I am running beyond tellerrand and own a lot of the gear I use at the events. Any way how to use them, how to connect them, what to plug into which device always ever has only been in my head. That is ok until you ask someone else to do you set up or until you have changing setups, mix things up and forget things.

A while ago I stumbled across H2R Gear by John Barker, who also runs Here to Record with a lovely YouTube Channel on which he explains a lot of video, streaming and recording stuff and with some very handy apps and tools … well, like H2R Gear for example.

This time, with less time than ever before any other event to get everything prepared, I am also planning to stream the talks to Vito, the platform I also use for my online events under Stay Curious. I added a few things to my gear and built a test setup at home to check if the things I had in my head would work. And yes, they do. To make things easier for me, I remembered I was playing around with H2R Gear and thought I would use it to make a diagram I could refer to in the venue later.

Really handy to have a plan ready – click for full size example

It takes some time to create those diagrams, but once you have created a full setup, you can re-use it for other events and venues and will never forget a bit anymore. Oh and it even spits out a lovely packing list for you, if you are done. Including all cables you need!

So huge shoutout to John for creating this useful apps and tools!