#btconf Berlin, Germany 13 - 16 Nov 2019

Aaron Gustafson

As would be expected from a former manager of the Web Standards Project, Aaron Gustafson is passionate about web standards and accessibility. He’s been working on the Web for over two decades now and is a web standards advocate at Microsoft. In addition to working closely with the Edge team, Aaron works with partners on Progressive Web Apps, with a focus on cross-platform compatibility. He penned the seminal book on progressive enhancement, Adaptive Web Design, and has been known to have some opinions, many of which you can read at aaron-gustafson.com.

Aaron is also giving a full-day workshop about “Getting Started with Progressive Web Apps”

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Conversational Semantics

This would branch off from my Designing the Conversation talk that I’ve given off and on for the past few years. The focus is understanding semantic HTML and the framing is the importance of this stuff in the world of headless UIs (like Alexa, Cortana, etc.). I plan to cover semantic meaning and how that translates into something that is meaningful for voice assistants and bots, taking advantage of native browser features to help users fill in forms more quickly via voice, and could even talk a bit about using JavaScript for speech recognition and synthesis if that’s of interest.