“Kirby 3.6 Release” with Bastian Allgeier

Nearly one year ago, on December 12th 2020, Bastian Allgeier and his team released version 3.5 of Kirby, the file based CMS. This was a huge step into a new direction with much more powerful tools and new features in the panel.

Now, in November 2021, Bastian is back at our Stay Curious Café to talk abot the next major release with version 3.6. Join us in our Kirby Hub to hear about the latest improvements, the things that have been added and made better, but also the roadmap for upcoming releases. Oh and of course: if you are new to Kirby: join us as well, as you are going to get a good impression of what Kirby is.

About Bastian Allgeier

Bastian Allgeier

Bastian studied communication design in Mannheim and has been working as a freelancer between design and programming for over 17 years. Next to (still!) being known for creating Zootool around 2008 he is known for developing the content management system Kirby. It wasn't always the case, that this was his sole project, but started as a side project while still working on customer projects. But what once started as a hobby or sideproject has now grown into a full-time job with a hand full of employees, selling worldwide and used by companies such as Daimler AG, Mozilla, the New York Times, many well-known names in the Web industry and universities such as Stanford or Harvard, just to mention a few.

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