What Other People Say

It is just lovely what other people say about beyond tellerrand. You might have seen the random quote in our header. This pages lists all the voices on one page. These voices are quotes from speakers, partners and attendees and I say thank you for your kind words.

I had heard a lot of good things about beyond tellerrand before attending and was not disappointed. The attention to details is phenomenal.

Mark Robbins

beyond tellerrand was a whole lot of fun: great energy, kind and helpful people and a fine program. Thats pretty much all I want from a designy gathering.

Stefan Sagmeister, 2014, Berlin

beyond tellerrand is different, its not too big, I learnt a lot from a diverse range of speakers, and most importantly it has a good soul and nice energy

Jonathan Barnbrook

I don’t even work in the web field, and I learned SO MUCH. And the best part was that the speakers were not just great speakers, but also turned out to be amazing human beings.

Yuko Shimizu

I'm so lucky that beyond tellerrand was my first conference abroad. It became immediately clear to me how tightly-knit and welcoming the community is. I loved the atmosphere and hope to come back again one day!

Lil Chen

A fantastic, valuable community event — an event worth anticipating, attending and remembering even years after it has passed.

Vitaly Friedmann

Don’t get me wrong, BT is a great conference. But it is so much more than that. It’s an event, it’s a show. You’ll be inspired, engaged, and leave connected and energised. […]

John Allsopp

beyond tellerrand is a rare bird: a design conference that touches both the technical and the deeply human, making connections that matter. The kindness and enthusiasm of the community is palpable.

Claire L. Evans

btconf is — hands down — my favourite of all confs I’ve spoken at. Marc goes the extra mile to give the conf its own character, atmosphere, and makes it a unique experience for all. 100% recommended. It sets the bar high for all design confs in our community.

Sara Soueidan

beyond tellerrand is one of the most welcoming, original, inspiring, and thoughtful conference I have ever addressed.

Danny Gregory

The magic of beyond tellerrand is the people - when so many creative and passionate individuals come together, incredible things happen. I walked away feeling inspired, motivated, and grateful to have joined such a wonderful community.

Natalya Shelburne

beyond tellerrand provides a personal experience designed with lots of love and care, in many ways the couture of conferences.

Stefan Sagmeister, 2022

beyond tellerrand was one of those surreal events. The time and effort to make the event sociable, enjoyable and exciting was obvious.

Brian Suda

Take a generous selection of singularly entertaining expert speakers (with the possible exception of myself), mix them with a uniquely quirky and welcoming take on an uber-hard-core tech conference, and you have beyond tellerrand – wherever it's held.

Robins Christopherson, 2018, Munich

Marc has found a way to put humanity, connection, and joy back into conference culture. I genuinely cannot recommend beyond tellerrand enough.

Emily Anhalt

beyond tellerrand does a wonderful job balancing insightful and interesting presentations with a fun event filled with great attendees and activities. I learned so much and made new friends. Looking forward to the next one!

Tracy Osborn

beyond tellerrand is one of those really special events, filled with the magic that makes the web possible: creative, inspiring and welcoming.

Sacha Judd

beyond tellerrand is one of my favorite conferences. The attendees are into it. The speakers are into it. The organizers are into it. Honestly, it feels more like a community than a conference.

Mike Monteiro

beyond tellerand is brimming with personality and warmth. Everyone I talked to told me it was “special event”, and I couldn’t agree more.

Tim Kadlec

beyond tellerrand remains my favorite conference for web folks. The audience is always engaged & supportive, every speaker is incredible, and Marc’s attention to detail in putting the whole thing together is second to none.

Aaron Gustafson

I had a GREAT time at beyond tellerrand, such an amazing and diverse speaker line-up and awesome atmosphere!

Nadieh Bremer

The event is curated in an incredibly personal way with an incredible line up of hand selected speakers. BT comes across in the best way possible - creative, full of value and full of meaning.

Joel Bronkowski (WooCommerce)

I left beyond tellerrand inspired and honoured to have become friends with incredible people who have made me want to “look beyond the edge of the plate”. I still often think about the talks on stage and the meaningful conversations I had. An experience I’m very grateful for!

Red Hong Yi

beyond tellerrand was exactly that: exposing us all to things we don’t usually talk and read about on our own. The best kind of conference!

Indra Kupferschmid

When my friends and colleagues ask: ‘Which event or conference should I make sure to go to this year?’ I answer: ‘Let me tell you about beyond tellerrand’.

Lyza Danger Gardner

Things I loved about beyond tellerrand: wide variety of topics, nerding out with devs, the DJ, sunshine, altbier & the excitement about coding fonts!

David Jonathan Ross

Being part of beyond tellerrand is my favourite speaking event of the year (and I usually present at several dozen around the world). It should be everyone’s absolute not-to-be-missed event of your tech calendar. Make sure you definitely attend one near you (and perhaps others further afield)

Robins Christopherson, 2017, Berlin

An amazing, well curated, well organized experience not just for attendees, but also for the speakers. For anyone considering going, just do it! Take it from us!

Anton & Irene

beyond tellerrand has style… It's got funk, it's got soul, it's got tech, it's got cool, and it's got more than a little bit of pixie dust too!

Léonie Watson

The thought and care Marc and his team put into beyond tellerrand really shows. It’s one of the most personal, welcoming and well organised conferences I’ve been to.

Alla Kholmatova

beyond tellerrand was an absolutely incredible experience. From the speakers to the venue to all the small diversions Marc assembled, there was nothing that wasn't top-notch and thought through. […] One of the best conferences I have ever been to, hands down.

Josh Brewer

There's something unique about the scope of ideas discussed and the genuine enthusiasm behind this conference that makes beyond tellerrand really inspirational. It's hard to describe it — you’ve just got to be there to experience it for yourself.

Petro Salema

An eclectic lineup, high quality speakers, topics that matter and a wonderful audience. But it’s all the extra little details that lift beyond tellerrand from a good conference to a truly exceptional one.

Vasilis van Gemert

Cooperating with beyond tellerrand and Marc is always a pleasure. A very interesting target group and the friendly interaction make this event special. We are excited about the future and look forward to many more events.


It’s rare that you find such great speakers, enthusiastic attendees, and great location all in one event. Absolutely nailed it! Would thoroughly recommend to anyone in the web industry.

James Hall

An event thoughtfully put together and with great attention to detail. Fantastic line up with a good mix of inspirational, highly specialised and unexpected talks.

Martina Flor

Thank you Marc and all the beyond tellerrand team for your warm welcome, I had a wonderful time here meeting lovely people!

Cécile Dormeau

beyond tellerrand is one of the best events I've had the fortune of attending - and I feel incredibly honored to have contributed as a speaker.

Mike Hill

beyond tellerrand has just the right mix of inspiring, creative and technical talks for a creative developer with a passion for the web. It combines all of that with a warm, welcoming atmosphere, and unrivalled attention to detail.

Michelle Barker

I had a lovely time at beyond tellerrand as the relaxed atmosphere they created with their use of time and space made it really easy to get to know others and what they’re passionate about.

Alexandra Deschamps-Sonsino

An unforgettable experience. Marc’s passion is apparent and obvious throughout the entire event and you are welcomed with open arms by him, his team and the entire audience. […]

Rob Draper

beyond tellerrand is one of my favourite conferences because it’s the perfect blend of inspiring talks across a range of topics, great (personal) vibes and amazing locations.

Nadieh Bremer

The audience at beyond tellerrand were warm-hearted and welcoming.

Jeremy Keith, 2013, Düsseldorf

beyond tellerrand is German for “warm, fuzzy, friendly event with passionate experts from many areas of the tech industry who gather to connect and inspire”.

Wesley Grubbs

beyond tellerrand is one of Europe's finest web conferences. A true pleasure to attend.

Des Traynor

beyond tellerrand is a market place for creative ideas and aha moments with bright and whole-hearted people.

Matthias Stahl

beyond tellerand is one of our favorite events each year because the people behind it balance thoughtfulness, inclusion, and precision. It’s excellent.


beyond tellerrand has a mix of talks I don’t really see anywhere else and I love that! The creative atmosphere and welcoming community makes it an awesome event.

Charlie Gerard

beyond tellerrand was a delightful experience for me, both as a speaker and an attendee. The talks were inspiring, and the attention to detail was remarkable. […]

Kate Kiefer Lee

beyond tellerrand was an amazing experience. Listening to people from all over the world speak onstage and offstage was invigorating, mind-expanding, and humbling.

Catt Small

beyond tellerrand was a delightful experience both as a speaker and as an attendee. Marc’s attention to all aspects of the conference was a high-quality production from the moment we landed in Düsseldorf! Forever thankful to have been invited, I encourage everyone to try to attend!

Stephanie Eckles

beyond tellerrand is a thoughtfully curated mix of insight, inspiration and practical advice. Marc is a warm and welcoming host, and the European tech scene should consider itself lucky having somebody like him as a community ambassador.

Andy Budd

Without doubt the best general web conference in Europe.


As always, Marc delivered a terrific two-day mixture of craft and code to get me inspired and excited.

Jeremy Keith, 2019, Berlin

[…] beyond tellerrand has a very cozy and friendly atmosphere and I’m very lucky to have had my first speaking experience in such inviting environment and community grown by marc.

dina Amin

beyond tellerrand is one of the most fun-loving conferences on the European circuit, with talks to appeal to designers and developers equally. The perfect event for a team!

Rachel Nabors

I’ve been lucky enough to attend beyond tellerrand five times over the past ten years as both a speaker and attendee, and I already can’t wait to come back. My favourite conference in the world.

Geri Coady

beyond tellerrand was unique; the crowd is warm and energized, and the speakers covered such a breadth of topics that I learned new things I never expected. I recommend everyone make it a must-attend event for their annual fill of delicious brain food.

Stephen Hay

I love how with this diverse range of talks it all comes together in the end. Storytelling and building blocks overarching theme at #btconf.

Björn Wilmsmann

beyond tellerrand is one of those conferences you have to attend at least once (if not more) in your lifetime. Huge kudos to Marc and his team for putting together one of the most inspirational and thought-provoking events I’ve ever been a part of.

Chen Hui Jing

beyond tellerrand is a wonderful show that does a great job of covering the spectrum of topics relevant to building the web today, while having a very friendly and personal feel.

Scott Jehl

Absolutely the best all-round conference in Europe, by far. Educational, inspiring, and a lot of fun. Literally life changing.

Harry Roberts

Speaking at beyond tellerrand is always a joy, as Marc brings together such interesting topics and people. I loved being a part of it.

Marcy Sutton

beyond tellerrand was so well run, but more importantly, I found it incredibly inspiring.

Aarron Walter

beyond tellerrand has a wonderfully friendly, non-corporate, ambience where the passion for the subject and its community shine through.

Jon Hicks

One of the most sincere and thoughtful conferences I've experienced.

Andy Baio

beyond tellerrand is a magical place for ichi-go-ichi-e (once-in-a-life-time encounter), where technology and creativity meet — you take knowledge, inspiration home, along with friends and peers you will cherish for life.

Aoi Yamaguchi

When I first heard about beyond tellerrand a few years ago, it seemed like an event that was not only well-run, but well-loved by those who have attended. Every time I hear about it, I hear such great things that I knew that I wanted to be a part of it some day. I'm happy to report that it lived up to even my wildest expectations.

Dave Shea

beyond tellerrand is one of those 'word-of-mouth' conferences that everyone tells you to go to. I'd heard such good things for years. It's not only well organized but more importantly well curated. All of the talks were just excellent. So glad I went.

Scott Jenson

I learnt, I laughed, I got confused, I drank good German booze. I look forward to going beyond tellerrand again soon!

Jon Burgerman

beyond tellerrand was one of the friendliest and the best organised conferences I have been invited to.

Oliver Reichenstein

Marc cultivates an environment and culture that is fantastically warm, cooperative, inclusive, supportive and, well... simply bloody wonderful.

Mike Hill

beyond tellerrand is a truly astonishing experience – unique vibe, tremendous production value and a super engaged audience. Cannot wait to be back

Paul Bakaus

beyond tellerrand is a wonderfully intimate event for such an ambitious tech conference. It's a festival of style and personality — and warm community, too.

Josh Clark

beyond tellerrand was a fun experience filled with creativity and uniqueness, among the best conferences I ever attended.

Marcin Wichary

[…] I was ecstatic and honoured when Marc invited me to speak at his well-reputed conference. And indeed, beyond tellerrand did not disappoint! I enjoyed the various talks that help us think outside of the box and make us better designers/developers. […] 100% would recommendation and attend again.

Jenny Shen

I had a great time at beyond tellerrand. I was impressed by the quality of speakers, the lovely venue and most of all by the friendly and welcoming atmosphere […]

Eva-Lotta Lamm

I can’t imagine a better first experience with beyond tellerrand. The caliber of sessions left me inspired and energised. It was an incredible honour to be included and present as well. The vibe of the whole event was low-key yet exciting. I went home afterward with a full heart.

Hugh Elliott

The level of commitment and skill that was shared by some of the other speakers, as they spoke about their work, their creative, personal and economic struggles was just an inspiration. I met some creative titans.

Thomas Thwaites

Marc and the beyond tellerand team put so much love into this event, and it really shows. The venue is awesome, the production quality is amazing and the talks are fantastic. I came away feeling so inspired.

Sophie Koonin

beyond tellerrand is one of the few conferences in the world able to create a genuine sense of community. It’s like the conferences of yesteryear; everything feels fun and new; all the attendees make for a truly welcoming environment. Marc’s passion comes through in every aspect of the production, and I can’t wait to return to the next event.

Elliot Jay Stocks, 2017, Berlin

beyond tellerrand – the only conference I know that feels like an educational night club. So good to be back!

Maya Bornschein

It's hard to put into words how special beyond tellerrand is. Marc is a one-of-a-kind human whose thoughtfulness and passion for his work translates to an absolutely phenomenal event. I'm so grateful to be part of the BT community and can’t wait to join again!

Emily Anhalt

beyond tellerrand is made with love, and it shows. It’s one of my favorite conferences.

Chris Shiflett

beyond tellerrand is one of the best events I’ve ever spoken at. The attendees are super-friendly, the other speakers on the bill are the best in the business, and the venue is incredible. It’s an inspiring event in every way possible and I can’t wait to return. […]

Elliot Jay Stocks, 2013, Düsseldorf

beyond tellerrand makes you feel like belonging to an ever-growing family. I always leave with new good friends and an endless source of positivity, inspiration and excitement for my work.

Bastian Allgeier

Marc, and the beyond tellerrand team, have created a community that is nothing short of familial, and an event as immediately welcoming as it is immeasurably inspiring.

Burton Rast

Extraordinary event in every aspect - spectacular speakers, spotless organization, warm welcome and great people. We are impatiently looking forward to the next edition!

SiteGround Team

beyond tellerrand is without a doubt one of the friendliest conferences I’ve had the pleasure to attend: great speakers, lovely entertainment and a wonderful venue.

Chris Murphy

beyond tellerrand is one of the most interesting and inspiring digital conferences on the European continent to date — the care that Marc puts into crafting this unique event always shines through, creating a special vibe like no other.

Stephanie Troeth

Of all the web design events that I’ve been to over the past ten years, beyond tellerrand is the conference with the most soul.

Andrew Clarke

To me as a graphic designer beyond tellerrand is always a wonderful source of inspiration. It combines creativity with practical tips, sprinkles in some code and mixes it all with the great spirit of the web.

Oliver Schöndorfer

beyond tellerrand was a memorable event for me for many reasons. The whole thing is organised beautifully down to every little detail. The audience were so enthusiastic and open to new ideas. I felt at home among friends even though we had only just met.

Dominic Wilcox

beyond tellerrand is a rare, human event, organised by a rare human. It is a meaningful oasis in a platonic desert of professional attention seeking.

Espen Brunborg

beyond tellerrand is an electrifying experience – there’s a buzz amongst the attendees and speakers that is incomparable. Marc has created something truly special.

Charlotte Dann

beyond tellerrand is one of those conferences that remind you what a great community we are, at our best. Talking and attending was an absolute pleasure. Life-affirming even.

Heydon Pickering

beyond tellerrand is a truly special conference. It provides not just food for thought, but a ton of warm and fuzzy nourishment for the soul.

Cassie Evans

With beyond tellerrand Marc has created a matchless conference in Germany. The atmosphere is enjoyable, relaxed an inspiring while providing a high-class range of speakers.

Daniel Wiegand

I speak at a lot of great events, but it’s rare that an event does absolutely everything well. beyond tellerrand gets top marks in all categories. […] beyond tellerrand should be on your list for next year.

Karen McGrane

beyond tellerrand was full of great people and great energy. I can’t remember a conference I enjoyed more. A very well-run event.

Matthew Rechs (Typekit)

beyond tellerrand is a conference that does it differently, and it does it well. From speakers, to the overall vibe, you know you are in for something special.

Stacey Mulcahy

For many years, people kept telling me I _just have to_ attend Beyond Tellerrand. I never understood why. Can it be that great?! Having attended several of them now, I can tell you: yes, 100% yes!

Manuel Matuzović

beyond tellerrand delivers an amazing experience fuelled by engaging talks on a broad range of subjects and a very captive audience. A legendary event not to be missed.

Espen Brunborg

Incredibly friendly environment, learned loads of cool shit from both speakers and attendees.

Jake Archibald

beyond tellerrand was beyond cabaret, beyond special and beyond conference. It holds it's own special place in my heart.

James Victore

Marc really knows how to make a conference great! His passion and attention to detail were impressive. Everyone felt welcome and embraced—like family.

Frank Rausch

beyond tellerrand was a lovely event. The venue space feel cozy, relaxed and comfortable. There is a “if you’re here you’re family” vibe to it that stems from Marc’s personality and, literally, his family.

Chris Coyier

Go to beyond tellerrand to get some inspiration, let your creative hair down and generally dussel your dorfs. Lots of variety, great atmosphere, and much better than Cologne.

Bruce Lawson

At beyond tellerrand, there is no stage. Speakers are there as participants just as much as the other attendees. Join us in one of the most inspiring series of events!

Frederik Vanhoutte

beyond tellerrand is wonderfully intimate and excessively personal, I can really meet people there and talk properly. And the speakers span the entire spectrum, from the technical to the artistic, from the corporate to the individual.

Stefan Sagmeister, 2018, Munich

beyond tellerrand is not your ordinary tech conference. Marc has created something really special, and everyone should get a chance to experience this event!

Aaron Parecki

beyond tellerrand is a wonderful conference every time. It is so friendly and you can tell that Marc cares about creating a great experience for everybody.


beyond tellerrand is beyond any normal conference - it's a place to forge new relationships that couldn't be further in atmosphere from the standard conference spiel.

Joel Gethin Lewis

With his uniquely down-to-earth and friendly approach, Marc puts on a very special conference that has not only garnered a loyal following in Germany, even the speakers can't wait to come back to another round of beyond tellerrand.

Kai Brach

At btconf I always meet new people. Not just old (or senior if you wish) designers like myself, but I always have conversations with young professionals as well.

Vasilis van Gemert

beyond tellerrand is my favorite conference and Marc my favorite organizer so far. He is kind and thoughtful and detail oriented, and it really shows in the inspiring talks and quality of the event!

Shirley Wu

One of the most consistent speaker lineups from top to bottom we’ve ever seen. beyond tellerrand was an exceptionally well run conference. Delightful.

Nathan Peretic

beyond tellerrand is one of the most unique and deeply inspirational events I’ve been a part of. The blend of creative people from various disciplines mixed with the care and openness that Marc brings to everything he does, consistently leaves everyone more connected, inspired, and alive with possibility. We certainly need more of this in the world!

Josh Brewer

[…] beyond tellerrand is diverse yet focused, realistic but ambitious, both serious and funny—and you should go.

Simon Collison

Marc just knows how to rock this stage! He is definitely a rockstar — a very lovable rockstar.

Ulrike Rausch

Can't talk about beyond tellerrand without Marc Thiele – there isn't enough money in the world to run a conf your way: cute note in the hotel rooms, untangling my hair from the mic, being everywhere while staying chill.

Júlia Racskó

beyond tellerrand was one of the best events I’ve attended: a fantastic venue, stellar speakers, and everyone was taken care of as if we were family. […]

Dan Rubin

I always love speaking at beyond tellerrand, and this year was particularly special as I also got to fangirl over two of my favourite artists Aoi Yamaguchi & Eike König!

Gemma O’Brien

The passion and thought that Marc puts into his beyond tellerrand events never ceases to amaze me. It’s a must visit both for attendees and partners.

Keir Whitaker

Felt very welcome at btconf. It feels like being part of one big family. More than happy about all my new coder and webdeveloper cousins!


beyond tellerrand was a fire hose of super smart thinking and incredible inspiration, all jam-packed into 2 days. My brain is still trying to unpack all the great things I learned!

Brad Frost