Advanced Typography and Letterpress – two workshops in Berlin

In June, beyond tellerrand presents one workshop with Elliot Jay Stocks and one with Erik Spiekermann. Great thing: they are back to back, so you can get a full does of type design, typography and letterpress in two days.

Our home for two days of workshops – p98a in Berlin

Since I am running beyond tellerrand in Berlin, I always make sure the letterpress workshop at p98a also is part of the event’s week, as I think it is a history lesson you shouldn’t miss. Not in general, but even more, if you are interested in type or typography. Working with type like you do it in this workshop give you the best understanding of what we do digitally nowadays and is just fantastic. Next to this, you have something that you printed with your hands in your hands afterwards.

This, combined with the digital world, which is the content of Elliot’s workshop, makes this package of two fantastic workshops worth booking – in my own opinion. But attention: we only have 12 seats for the letterpress and about 20 seats for the advanced typography workshop – so don’t wait too long.

Advanced Typography for Web and Print with Elliot Jay Stocks (June 28th)

On June 28th Elliot Jay Stocks, former Creative Director of Typekit, founder of typography magazine 8 Faces, and co-founder of lifestyle magazine Lagom, invites you to learn about typesetting in depth. A small group of attendees (max. 20 people) is going to learn what it needs to work and design with type. Learn how to choose and pair typefaces, find out what it means to work with spacing and context based adjustments and understand how to load web fonts for your website most efficient.

To get a better understanding of what exactly you do, here is a list of things to be covered …

We’ll be covering

  • Choosing & pairing typefaces
  • Emotional & technical considerations surrounding type
  • Spacing & context-based adjustments (measure, tracking, leading)
  • Constructing a typographic system
  • Setting type on the web
  • Web font loading, subsetting, and optimisation
  • OpenType features
  • Knowing when to break the rules
  • Hands-on, group-based interactive exercises

Who is this workshop for?

  • Web / app designers looking to supplement their skill set with core typographic principles derived from print design
  • Print / graphic designers wanting to arm themselves with technical knowledge about typography on the web
  • Web developers seeking to enhance their understanding of design with a focus on typography
  • Attendees of the Advanced Typography… conference talk wanting to delve into the geekier design details

If you think this workshop is right for you, then don’t wait. Get your ticket now.

Letterpress with Erik Spiekermann (June 29th)

An impression from 2016’s letterpress workshop at beyond tellerrand in Berlin

Ad said earlier, the letterpress workshop at Erik’s space is one of the events during beyond tellerrand in Berlin, I am always looking forward to. I myself attended two times out of three times and loved both of the times. Usually, in November, Erik is in San Francisco and not in Berlin. On June 29th though, for this workshop, Erik is in Berlin and part of the workshop, which I do like a lot. Then he’s able to directly shout at me without having to use Twitter ;)

If you ask yourself, why you should attend, I only can tell you it is great fun to spend the day and learn about type like this … physically. Getting your hands dirty.

Who is this workshop for?

It is for everybody who is interested in type, typography and letterpress. For anyone who always wanted to know how letterpress actually is working. You don’t need to come prepared with anything – a basic understanding for design, proportion and type helps though.

What are we going to learn?

You'll work in four groups of max. three people, each with their own press to work on. Experience letterpress printing as it has been done 50 years ago with original type from that era.

Only 12 seats available and many taken by the time I write these lines. Don’t wait or even better, read on and book both workshops in one go.


Overview of the where and when

Both workshops take place at:

Gallery p98a
Potsdamer Strasse 98a
10785 Berlin

Date for Advanced Typography for Web and Print: Wednesday, June 28th

Date for Letterpress Workshop with Erik Spiekermann: Thursday, June 29th

Get the whole package!

Of course in combination these two workshops make total sense. Both will be held at p98a and we are going to have two great days. Food and drinks are covered for both days. Therefore I’d suggest to get two (or more days) off and attend both workshops on 28th and 29th of June.

All photos by Norman Posselt