Tobi (aka Baldower) Released an Album

My good friend and part of the beyond tellerrand circus since 2013 already Tobi Lessnow (aka Baldower), released an Album on Bandcamp. If you have been to beyond tellerrand, you might recognise the one or other line and on Twitter I already read a few lovely quotes. Here is one by Marcus Hermann:

Your music opens a little window to the “btconf mind state”, so thank you

That is lovely to say. Tobi has grown into beyond tellerrand, like the red lights in the Capitol Theater and it would not be the same without him and his craziness, like I state in many of the write-up since he entered the stage to create his Audio Sketchnotes.

Of course, Tobi is part of the next shows in Düsseldorf and Berlin again. But before meeting him there, check and buy his album now. 7 Euro is not too much for ten tracks and to support him and make him happy.

Image is showing the album cover of Tobi Lessnow’s album on Bandcamp