An Event Archive

I just stumbled over an article at the notist blog, where Drew has written about the frustration for speakers, if event pages are switched off and disappear after an event was held. And he is kind of right here. If speakers want to have a record of what they have done in the past, this can be really sad for them to see their mention and record of where they have spoken disappear.

so, my idea, ever since I run events was, that those pages for an event could work as kind of an archive. Next to writing a big and complete wrap-up post for each event, where I list photos, blog posts and other sources, my event pages automatically turn into an archive for the event.

The “Get tickets” buttons turns into a buttons stating “See coverage”, if the event date is over. Pages that are no longer needed, like the schedule, how to get somewhere etc, are turned off, but the speakers pages turn into the archive of the event that list:

  • a link to the video of the presentation on Vimeo (as well as the embedded video itself on the speakers page)
  • a link to the video of the talk on YouTube
  • a link to the slides, if the speaker publishes them
  • the full text version of the talk, transcribed by Tina

This all more or less is automated and I don’t have to do much to get this filled with life. And maybe it is useful for the one or other person who did not have the chance to attend the event either.

If you as a speaker want to keep track as other events might not have such an archive, tools like notist or Speakerdex can be handy for you.