Another journey: beyond tellerrand Munich

In 2011 I started beyond tellerrand with the first event in November in Düsseldorf. I am happy that with more or less everyone who spoke back then, I am still in touch and happy to see and meet them any time possible. They, and of course anyone at any btconf afterwards, have been a big part of what beyond tellerrand is now and they shaped the beginning and set the tone. One of the people speaking in 2011, Simon Collison, used to run an event called New Adventures in 2011, 2012 and 2013 and I still hope it is coming back one day. New Adventures took place in January and I was always looking forward to start the year with this event in Nottingham. Not only was the whole show a well curated event with a special atmosphere, to which I connect a lot of memories, but what I also loved was, that it was happening in January. For me it was kind of a creative kick off of the new, the upcoming year. So in some way, I hope it is ok to steal this idea from Greg and Simon and set my aim for us at beyond tellerrand in Munich as well to be our inspirational and creative start into the year (and much more hopefully).

Some of you, as I already announced in the newsletter that Munich is happening, asked me if I’d be crazy to start a third edition, still running the whole show just on my own. And yes, somehow it feels crazy. Especially given the fact that Munich takes place just 2,5 months after Berlin. But you know, there is this kind of feeling, that I want to try this. It is a similar feeling as I had after my first brother suddenly died. Back then I started Berlin in 2014. Not really as a reaction to this, but somehow, looking back, I think there is a connection. Now my second brother died as well as my dog beginning of last year (not to mention that my father died also now). Around this time I thought how I could maybe grow beyond tellerrand. Run a bigger event? A different kind, with another topic focus – though I like, that btconf does not have a specific only focus – or, as I was looking on the map of Germany, another edition in the south of Germany and closer to Austria, Switzerland, Italy etc. I decided for the last option and went to Munich to speak to the people I know of, who run or used to run an event, to let them know about my idea and ask them if that was ok. I checked venues, picked a different one than I actually wanted in the first place, as the space in my first choice was not matching the idea of spending two days there and now I am up for another adventure.

I just launched the website and announced ticket sales (September 11) and I hope you are going join me on this new adventure in Munich. I’d be honoured, happy and delighted to welcome you there.