Notist – A Service for Public Speakers

Rachel Andrew and Drew McLellan, known for their CMS Perch amongst many other things, just announced a new service for everybody who often speaks at events like conferences. They called it Notist and define it like this:

Notist is a hub for your speaking events. Yes, a place to share your slides, but also to collate feedback, tweets, photos, sketchnotes and everything to create your permanent speaking portfolio.

From theory this looks really good, especially it is much more than services like SpeakerDeck or SlideShare and maybe a good alternative to everyone who was using Lanyrd, which seems to die a slow death. Also Lanyard was coming more from an event organisers perspective and Notist sets focus on the speaker.

I myself am trying to create something like an archive for every speaker at my events. After the event is over, my site automatically creates and archive with links to videos on YouTube and Vimeo, the song (if Tobi produced one), slides and everything I get notified of or sent by the speaker. The downside for me is, that I always have to run after every speaker until I get all these things. With a service like this, I could easily link to it or a speaker could point me to it and I can get anything I need from just one source. I like the idea.

Funny enough Michael Flarup is also working on a platform for speakers, called Speakerdex. I think the difference here is, that it is much more simple and focusing on a talk by a speaker that she/he is able to promote via Speakerdex and not specifically for a talk after it was given and to collect coverage about this.

For more information: Rachel as well as Drew have write a blog post with more details on what Notist is going to be: