Baldower (aka Tobi Lessnow) live

Baldower, doing his live sketchnotes in music at beyond tellerrand - photo by Andreas Dantz

Many of you, who have been part of beyond tellerrand events, know Tobi Lessnow also known as Baldower. For beyond tellerrand 2013 in Düsseldorf, he was asking me, what i think about the idea of doing sketch notes in music. I was a bit confused and did not know what the f**k he meant with this. “Sketch notes in music … like drawing with sound?”, I thought. So he, in his own and enthusiastic way, described what he meant and I just thought, we should give it a try as it sounded very cool. Of course it could have been a total flop, but if not, it might be really cool. Surely the latter was the case and therefore Tobi is part of the show since 2013 at every beyond tellerrand, not only playing music during the breaks, but giving the music a meaning, wrapping up the talk that just took place and giving the whole event something special and unique, no one else has got … oh ok, the latter is not true anymore as, of course, other people running events have asked him to do similar for their events – which is fantastic for Tobi! Not to forget that next to summing up the talks with his music, he also creates a unique title song for every beyond tellerrand, which I love a lot! Check what he has released so far on Soundcloud.

I also remember that back then, when Tobi asked me if we should do this, he was barely making any electronic music and has seen this also as a chance to explore the field of electronic music for himself.

And now, nearly three years after he made beyond tellerrand richer with his sound, Baldower is playing a solo show in Düsseldorf. And yes, he is also playing a lot of the music he created for #btconf. So come and join us for a concert with Baldower. Free entry, good music.

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