beyond tellerrand 2020 – Dates and Cities (updated)

2018 and 2019 have been tough years in some way. From the outside it all looks great: sold out events, a great time and everybody seems to be happy. But behind the scenes I knew that the venue I was using for Berlin was closing and I also wanted to find a new venue for Munich.

So, in 2018, when the first Munich edition took place in January, I got such wonderful feedback afterwards and people kept asking, if beyond tellerrand comes back to Munich, that I thought yes, I want to come back to Munich. Even though my Mum died two weeks before the event and that certainly overshadowed my experience in Munich, I loved the idea of bringing beyond tellerrand to the south of Germany as well as to the other two established locations in Berlin and Düsseldorf.

Right after my 5th edition in Berlin I got the very sad notice, that the venue I was using would be closed by April 2019 and the owner of the venue would build offices into the former theatre. How sad to see this, but also how sad for beyond tellerrand to loose this place, that – after some prejudices from my end in the beginning – turned into our home for Berlin.

When I got notice of this tragedy in Berlin, I directly knew “There will be no Munich edition in 2019. I need to focus on finding a new home for Berlin.”. Plus, I knew that running an event in a new home would mean running a completely new event more or less. Dealing with new people, who don’t know your event. Dealing with a new room layout. Dealing with completely new circumstances in general. And don’t forget: it is just me planning this show.

I had issues with finding a new venue for Berlin for several reasons: size, budget (dooooh Berlin gets expensive these days), room layout and so on, but I found something where I thought it would be special (even though I had a bit of a strange feeling in my guts). Sadly (or maybe luckily?) I lost this venue again, because of someone who was not liking the concept maybe. So I kept on searching.

I have written and called 34 venues in Berlin and visited most of them, which did not qualify because of size, location within Berlin or any other disqualifying, obvious reason. Some of them where just way over my budget. But then, with a late last visit to Berlin, I found out new Berlin home and thought, let’s nail this down for 2020 …


This means, that I made the same effort in Munich, just that there are not as many locations as in Berlin. Some of the best venues are also already taken by friends and people I know, running events. But it was worth the time, money and effort to travel to Berlin and Munich to secure these dates and venues. So, if you like, please mark those dates for the events as well as for the start of ticket sales in you calendar. Join me on a – once again – new adventure, organising three cities in one year to bring beyond tellerrand to many places. And if you can’t make it, maybe you want to tell your friends about it. But let’s get to the dates and cities:

beyond tellerrand Düsseldorf 2020

Düsseldorf is going to be special as it marks the tenth event in Düsseldorf. I love to say it is the tenth birthday, but technically it is not, a the first event took place in year 0. But you know, I started organising the year 0 in year -1 … soooo somehow it is ten years, right?

However you want to call it, here are the dates for Düsseldorf’s number 10 in 2020:

  • April 27–28 for the main conference, with side events and workshops around those dates
  • Tickets are sold from September 30, 10am on

You might wonder why it is taking place in April? The reason is a big trade fair in Düsseldorf around the two weeks of my usual dates which makes the hotel prices extremely expensive.

beyond tellerrand Berlin 2020

Berlin’s seventh edition, the second in our new home, is taking place in August this time. Bavaria and Baden-Württemberg have summer holidays (time off school for the kids) until September 7 (Bavaria) and 12 (Baden-Württemberg). Oktoberfest starts September 19. That made the actual slot I wanted to pick for Munich very tiny. Hotels during Oktoberfest are super expensive as well and so I decided to move Berlin to September in 2020 and have Munich taking place in November. In short this means Berlin is takin place on:

  • August 25 and 26 for the main conference and workshops and side events around this (letter press workshop usually the day after)
  • Ticket sales start on January 20th, 10am

beyond tellerrand Munich 2020

Back in Munich. And when I checked our new home in Munich, the Muffatwerk, I felt it could be a good place for us. Pretty central in Munich, not too shiny and modern, but cozy and maybe we are able to make this a place to return to to celebrate creativity and a time to be inspired in Munich. This is what I have planned for Munich:

  • On November 2 and 3, the core conference is taking place. As usual with the workshops and possible side events around this.
  • You are able to get tickets on April 1st at 10am.

And that’s it. I know this information could have been brought to you in a quicker, not so text-heavy way. But you know: I am excited and I want you to be excited as well. Maybe those background stories also give you some insights that get you excited together with me.

I simply hope to see you in one (or all!!) of those cities in 2020. Or earlier in Berlin when we find out if we like the new home for Berlin. ;)

Greetings from Corsica and stay tuned …