Help: Partner and a Location for Our Berlin Warm-up

Like last year in Berlin, 70 days before the sixth edition is taking place, we are looking for a beyond tellerrand Warm-Up Partner, who likes to host and sponsor our Pre-Conference Warm-Up. The Warm-Up is an important part of the whole event experience and the evening, where you and we welcome everybody to Berlin and set the right mood and vibe for the following days.

A collection of shots from several warm-ups in Düsseldorf, Munich and Berlin.

If you are interested in hosting between 120 and 200 excited and interesting people from all over the world for an evening in Berlin on November 13th, then please don't hesitate to get in touch with me and I explain how this could look like in detail. But as you would be the host, any idea from your end is welcome either. Whether you'd like to host a couple of talks, or only have people socialising (or both) – completely happy to brainstorm and discuss anything that you have in mind.

If you yourself are not able to host and support the Warm-Up, maybe you know of an agency or company in Berlin, that would like to support the web and design community in this way and invite around 120–200 interesting people to their house. So, please spread the word. Any help is appreciated.