#btconf 2015 in Düsseldorf is sold out

Since a few days all tickets for beyond tellerrand // DÜSSELDORF 2015, the fifth birthday of beyond tellerrand, are gone. This is the fourth time im a row that this event sells out and the last two in Düsseldorf even always sold out way before the event takes place.

When an event sells out, it usually is a happy-sad feeling for me. Of course I’m happy that my little event is so popular and so many people want to come to something that I established five years ago (though I know they’re not coming because of me, but because of the speakers and topics). It also makes me very proud that btconf has such a good reputation that people get tickets early. But the downside is that many people are not able to attend.

Last year over 130 people have been on the waiting list, and I wish I’d be able to squeeze everybody in. When people ask me, why I simply don’t get a bigger venue, on the other hand, I think to myself, that I don’t actually want to run it in a bigger venue with more people. I have the feeling that 500 is just about the right size. That also was part of the decision to start beyond tellerrand in Berlin next to the one in Düsseldorf. And I somehow feel like I can still speak to everybody. Therefore I just can say: get your ticket early.

But how can you get a ticket to btconf in Düsseldorf then, even though it is sold out? The only chance to get to beyond tellerrand in Düsseldorf in May is, to get on the waiting list and cross your fingers that someone else drops out. People who registered for a workshop have a higher chance to get a waiting list ticket.

I’m very thankful for the great support of beyond tellerrand and am very excited to see old and new faces in May. We have some fantastic people on stage and wonderful partners, who support us and who are happy to meet you in the exhibition.

Those who have a ticket: watch your inbox for more information. Those who have not: we still have space in the workshops or the free to attend Side Events.

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