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Today I added a few new things to the website. I filled and edited the archive pages of the past events. Maybe you don’t know it yet, but I record every talk of beyond tellerrand during the years and made them available online for free in the beyond tellerrand Vimeo channel – at least all videos I get permission to publish. I had a nice day traveling thru the history of beyond tellerrand and some very good memories of the last 4 years popped up. But what will you find in the archive, the pages of past events? Read on to get an idea.


I collect all slide decks that speakers send me or send me links to after every event and add them to this page. I only include a link to the corresponding slides and do not embed any slide decks, as everybody is using her/his own service and sometimes only has a link to a PDF or other adventurous things.


Every talk at beyond tellerrand has been recorded with two cameras. One close-up camera and a long shot, recording the full stage. The talk of every speaker who gives me permission to publish the video is going live in our beyond tellerrand Vimeo channel. Traveling thru the last 4 years of beyond tellerrand also reminded me of the very sad moment when I dropped the hard disk with all videos of #btconf 2012 … I could still cry when thinking of it. But anyways: now you can also watch the videos on the beyond tellerrand archive pages and have the nice benefit of having bio and full description of the talk available as well as the link to relevant slides.


“Songs? Why songs?” you might ask. In 2013 Tobi Lessnow, a good friend of mine, was asking me, if I’d like the idea of doing sketch notes in music (that’s what he said). First I did not really know what he meant, but after describing that he was going to sample every talk to mix samples into live music in the break after each talk, I thought that we definitely should try this. Over the last 2 years it became one of the things people are speaking about after the event.

For beyond tellerrand // DÜSSELDORF 2013, Tobi sat down and professionally produced a song for every speaker after the conference ended. I mean for every speaker! With the title song for the event that made 14 songs. He does not only have no break at the event – he records all samples during the talks and mixes and plays them in the break – but spent so much time on producing them afterwards instead of taking what he mixes at the event. In the end we said that, as much as we both love the idea, he can’t produce a song for every single speaker since then. He does not have the time to do this for free and I don’t have the budget to pay the time he needs. That means that for beyond tellerrand // DÜSSELDORF 2014 and for beyond tellerrand // BERLIN 2014 only a few songs had been produced afterwards, which makes me very happy as Tobi does not have to do it … but he does. And I love them all. Some of my highlights are Brad Frost’s “It’s all made of the same stuff” (the refrain sticks in my ear every time I listen to it), the title song for Berlin 2014, or “How Happy Are You”, featuring Stefan Sagmeister. But check them all and make your own decision.

Where to find what

If you visit the pages of the past events, e.g. Düsseldorf 2013, you’ll get re-directed to the speakers of the corresponding event.

Speaker list with coverage links

In the lower right corner you see up to three links to the video, the slides, and the song. These three links are all external links leading to Vimeo, the chosen slides hosting service and Soundcloud.

If you click on the name or the talk title, you get to the speaker page, where you find the talk description next to the bio. Furthermore you can watch the talk on this page in an embedded player. And if a song was produced for this talk, you’ll also find the embedded Soundcloud player with the song to the talk.


I’d love to hear if you like this archive, if there is anything that you miss, and how it could be improved. Thanks.

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