Closing Meetup Account for Stay Curious

I have decided to close down the Stay Curious Meetup organiser account. My financial situation, because of Covid, does not allow any extra costs that is not really needed. For what I get out of Meetup with only 147 members in terms of people showing up at Stay Curious, the money I pay for it, is simply not worth it. Furthermore I have thought it would be worth it as a new, additional channel for beyond tellerrand’s online event series. But it is not.

New Stay Curious shows will be announced soon. And all upcoming shows will be free to attend, in case you haven’t already heard. Storyblok is sponsoring Stay Curious in 2022.

So, if you want to stay connected with Stay Curious online events and get updates and beyond tellerrand in general, please subscribe to the newsletter. Or simply subscribe to the Stay Curious event RSS feed.

Thank you and stay curious!