beyond tellerrand Düsseldorf 2022 – Part II of the Restart

In October, I have written about how I see the time after Covid as a new beginning for the event. There is no ”I continue what I started” or ”Let’s move on as if nothing happened”. I really see the whole project as if I start from scratch. I need to work again to get the word out about beyond tellerrand, to build a reputation and to give the event a face and reputation it is known for. I am grateful for the people who haven’t forgotten the event and who spread the word, telling other people about what beyond tellerrand is and why it is an event you should attend in person.

I am in the middle of organising the next edition in Düsseldorf … well, I say in the middle. It actually is the hottest phase of organising an event. All the bits and pieces I have been working on since November are falling into place now. The line-up is complete, I have all topics together and beginning next week, I will work on the schedule, which always is an important part, I take my time to short before the event.

During the last week, I have spoken to a lot of the speakers, people in Düsseldorf who know the event and are involved in some way and this gave me a boost. I am constantly thinking about if all this makes sense already and now. Running an event in this time. For whom? Why? But if you look at the people who come and speak, their topics and hear what other people say about the event and if I remember all the lovely people, exciting and interesting stories I heard during many conversations in the breaks and at the evening … then I get emotional and think **I run it for each and everybody coming and I run it to spread positivity and to motivate and inspire people. I simply love it.

If you want to join me and see what I mean with everything I have written above, then don’t wait. Grab a ticket from the leftover tickets and share your story with other at the event. Listen to the stories of other and make new friends.