Design for Berlin 2023 by Mike Kus

When I start planning an event, one part is to find a designer for certain assets of the event. Typically that is the t-shirt, a coffee mug, the opening titles and sometimes a few other bits and peaces. Mostly I adapt the t-shirt design to the rest of the assets like the mug for example. This time my friend Mike Kus contacted me before the Berlin edition and asked, whether I had found someone to design the t-shirt already. When I said no, he stated that he’d like to design all the assets. That was absolutely cool, as he, in just a few days, came up with a PDF and plenty of things he designed.

A photo of the coffee mugs from beyond tellerrand Berlin 2023. You see four white coffee mugs with red lettering in front of a blurry background. The lettering states “A creative high without AI”.
The coffee mugs of Berlin 2023. Photo by Martin Kraft

The overall design is based around the theme of creativity in 2023 in the face of AI and the coffee mug stated “A creative high without AI”. He also designed a set of different posters and I adapted the base design for the slides to create a different poster for each of the speakers also.

The photo shows a set of individual posters for each speaker hanging on a black wall. Printed in red on white paper.
Photo by Martin Kraft
The photo shows the exhibition area of the conference. On the wall you can see two of the posters designed by Mike Kus. Printed in red on white paper.
Photo by Martin Kraft

For the t-shirts Mike created various ideas. I went with the slogan “A creative high without AI” here as well, which was designed in a shape of a balloon. But different to past years we printed it onto the back of the t-shirt and the front got a little “beyond tellerrand” logo on the upper left. Different to past years, where I usually print the t-shirt design in a different colour onto a different coloured t-shirt for the team, we also had extra team t-shirts. Red t-shirts with a print on the back stating “Team Tellerrand Berlin 2023 – here to help” and a small “team tellerrand” on the front. I still need to get the left over t-shirts into our shop and then you can take a look ;)

An illustration showing the two t-shirt designs for Berlin. Top left you see the front of a white t-shirt with a small red beyond tellerrand lettering on the right side of the chest. Top right you see the back of the t-shirt stating in red “A creative high without AI” in shape of a balloon. Lower left you see the fron of the team t-shirt stating “team tellerrand” in light beige lettering. Lower right you see the back with a big print stating “Team Tellerrand Berlin 2023. Here to help”
Illustration of the printed t-shirts. For photos, check our photo page

In addition we created a small notebook as well as some pencils. It is great to have everything speaking the same language visually, to be honest and I always enjoy the play and like to see what people come up with, when they create their design for an upcoming show. I also still like the idea not to spoil the design for an upcoming event and have the attendees see it for the very first time, when they enter the venue. Like a bit of the reward of being at the event actually.

A montage of three photos. Left: white pencils in a box with red lettering at the end stating “beyond tellerrand”. Middle: Front of A6 notebooks with “A creative high without AI” balloon shaped design. Right: Last page of the notebook with a lettering that reflects the “imagine” prompt you see when creating AI images.

A few of those things are left over and you can get them at one of the next festivals. Left over t-shirts will be in our shop soon – I still need to count them.

The next one is taking place in Düsseldorf again. The line-up is complete and all but one speaker revealed. In case you want to join us, be quick, tickets selling fast.

See you there!