This Is What I Want To Do – A Documentary About beyond tellerrand

Beginning of 2019 Stefan Nitzsche and Andreas Brüggemann came to me with the idea of producing a film, a documentary about beyond tellerrand (and with this about also about me). It felt strange and up to the day, I am not sure if what I do deserves a film. But I guess in the end this is something, the people watching it and those attending my events should judge. One this is for sure, though: I am pretty nervous about the fact that this Friday, a documentary in which what I do is the base for a whole film.

A squared image with a black and white photo. You can see Marc Thiele in the front and the audience of his event in the background. A white logo stating “This is what I want to do”, looking like being painted with a brush sits above Marc.

The documentary is finished now and I sat down to give a couple of questions to Andreas and Stefan so that you have a bit of background why they created it and who they are.

What Was You Initial Reason or Intention to Create a Documentary About “beyond tellerrand”?

I [Stefan] have known the event for many years and have always taken a lot of photos there. When that became too boring for me, I asked Marc if moving images would be of interest. I didn't want to do it alone, so I asked Andreas. Initially, we only intended to shoot a small conference summary, like a trailer, but when we got the opportunity to go behind the scenes, we quickly realised that the conference is something special on many levels and deserved a larger stage. The idea of turning it into a documentary was born.

Are You Two Professional Film Makers? If Not, What Is Your Background?

We can’t say if we are now – that’s up to others to decide. When we started, we definitely weren’t. Film has always fascinated us, and we both love photography passionately. We made a lot of mistakes at the beginning and learned quickly – over time, our understanding of the medium, the technology, and the story we want to tell grew. Stefan is a freelance UX/UI designer and digital strategist, and Andreas works for the state of North Rhine-Westphalia.

If Someone Can’t Make It to the Premiere, Where Else Can They Watch the Film?

The premiere is currently the only foreseeable opportunity to see the film. We are already in talks with partners of beyond tellerrand who want to make it possible to show the film as a side event of one of the upcoming conferences. After completing the film, we will submit it to festivals, and in the medium to long term, it will likely be available on some streaming platforms.

Any Additional Thoughts You Want to Mention for the Beyond Tellerrand Community, Concerning This Documentary?

We are very glad and grateful that Marc allowed us to create this film with a focus on him and his life’s work. We didn’t always make it easy for him, and our involvement made his work no less challenging. And we know how much trust was necessary for that. Thank you for that!

Well, I think I should be the one saying thanks, that someone thinks, what I am doing is worth creating such a film about it.

Stefan and Andreas told me, that a few seats are still available for the premiere on Friday this week (19 January). So, if you are interested in joining and watching the film for the first time together with us in Cologne, use this link to grab yourself a ticket. It would be lovely to see you there!

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