Düsseldorf Ticket Price Goes up On 16th March

I myself can’t hear this sentence anymore: we have to rise prices in order to compensate the rising cost. But sadly that also is true for me. Within the 13 years of running my events, I only had to rise my ticket price once, after my former venue in Berlin closed and cost went up a lot.

Now everything is really getting more expensive: flights, hotel, drinks, venue rental … you name it. But instead of rising the general ticket price I thought, I do something were attendees profit from buying early enough and save some money also.

One month before beyond tellerrand Düsseldorf takes place, the ticket price for the remaining tickets goes up by €50. Right no, while writing these lines, 83 tickets are left for Düsseldorf’s 2023 show. If you get yours until March 16th noon, you can still grab it for €299 incl. fees and VAT. From March 16th noon on, they are €349 for whatever is left then.

If you are quick, it won’t help me with my rising cost, but it helps you saving money for your loyalty and I – and anyone else in at the event – benefits from an, hopefully, sold out event. ;)