beyond tellerrand Düsseldorf 2023 – Line-Up, Tickets and More…

In a little more than a month, on April 17 and 18, we are going to meet for the 2023 edition of beyond tellerrand in Düsseldorf. My aim once more is to encourage you to be open minded and look beyond of the things that are obvious to you. I want to connect people from all kinds of businesses to plant a seed for a diverse and open minded working culture.

Since the start of beyond tellerrand in 2011, I wanted to create an event where technology and design, where creativity and inspiration are the driving force and a theatre with a friendly and welcoming atmosphere is the environment to make this the home for every attendee for the two days of the conference.

The Line Up

If you look at the people that form the line up of this year’s edition, you’ll clearly see that it is an absolute great mix of topics and people from various fields. I really never know if the plan in my head is working out until it comes to life at the event and I see reactions of the audience to the presentations and people I invited. Luckily it seems to have worked out pretty well in the past and I am carefully positive, that my gut feeling is not going to disappoint this time either.

Get your Tickets

If you think of attending and don’t already have a ticket: what are you waiting for? ;) Waiting any longer only includes the following risks:

  • Tickets sell out before you get on!
  • You pay more than now, since the price is going up on March 16

Do you really want to risk that?

No, honestly. If you thought about going this year, just join us and grab your ticket now to save €50 and not miss out. I am just back from a roadshow with a couple of stops in the UK and the feedback from people in summary was, that they missed those in-person events and had forgotten how nice it is to be there, have conversations and share ideas.

I am looking forward to seeing you there!