Help others to find a place to stay during btconf in Düsseldorf

Screenshot of the survey starting page stating the reason for the survey
Help others with answering a very short survey to find a place in Düsseldorf

I don’t know how you usually find a place to stay for an event. Are you using Google or Or are you asking people who have attended in the past? Maybe you even ask the organiser of an event if there is no recommendation on the website. There are many things that someone takes into consideration when looking for a room. Where someone might just look for a cheap option to stay at, someone else is ok with spending a bit more and having a comfortable, big room and a hotel with a pool maybe. Another person might like to stay in a place close to the city center whereas the other likes to be very close to the venue.

To find out what you think in addition to what people can find online, I created a very short and quick to do survey, which hopefully helps the one or other person to find a good place to stay at. It would be fantastic, if you take a minute and fill out the form, if you attended in the past and have anything to recommend. Thanks a lot in advance!

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