IndieWebWeek 2017

IWC Logo of the IndieWebCamp
Two IndieWebCamps within a week … we thought we want to make more out of this

When I found out, that the Nürnberg Web Week this year takes place at the exact same week as beyond tellerrand, I was a bit sad. Not because we are competing against each other, but more as I thought this is yet another event overlapping with other events – in this case my own – and I will miss also this one, like I often have to decide between three events this year.

Joschi then told me, that he plans to also run an IndieWebCamp during this week. And for the last two years, I organised one in Düsseldorf right before beyond tellerrand as well, gathering interested and interesting people. Of course, Joschi being Joschi and me being me, we thought, what can we do to make this circumstance somethings interesting and exciting for those who are interested hearing and learning about the IndieWeb?

So far we have a few things, that are already set in stone next to a lot of loose ideas, where we hope to get some support, interest and ideas from you as well.

IndieWebCamp Düsseldorf 2017 – May 13th–14th

Photo of attendees at the IndieWebCamp Düsseldorf 2016
Happy attendees at the IndieWebCamp Düsseldorf 2016

Happily sipgate is hosting the third IndieWebCamp in Düsseldorf again. We’ll meet on 13th and 14th of May at sipgate, Gladbacher Straße 74 from around 10am to 5pm. Please register here for the IWC Düsseldorf and add yourself to the guest list of the event.

Train Ride from DUS to NUE

Joschi is planning to gather everybody who is interested to join the train from Düsseldorf to Nürnberg on May 17th. He is planing to leave with the train at 10:12am. Joschi is planning to get group tickets if the group of people is big enough. Contact Joschi asap, if you are interested.

IndieWebCamp Nürnberg 2017 – May 20th–21st

Photo of attendees at the IndieWebCamp Nürnberg 2016
Happy attendees at the IndieWebCamp Nürnberg 2016

Tollwerk is hosting the second IndieWebCamp in Nürnberg again. You can register here and also here we ask you to please add yourself to the guest list.

Travel Assistance Fund

Joschi, inspired by last year's IndieWeb summit came up with the idea of creating a travel assistance fund for this years IndieWebCamps in Düsseldorf and/or Nürnberg. We had help of a few partners and created a small fund for supporting you to attend. More about this on a site that Joschi created for this week.

What’s in between the two IndieWebCamps?

That is something where we’d need your creative input as well. Joschi and I have a few loose ideas, what we can do during beyond tellerrand and the web week in Nürnberg later. Like a small IndieWeb Lounge at beyond tellerrand itself and an open-door IndieWeb Base Camp at the tollwerkstatt in Nuremberg from Thursday on. Maybe we could start some kind of collective effort on the first weekend and finish it on the second? All just some starting points. If you have any suggestion or want to actively take part in organising bits and pieces, please contact either Joschi or me, Marc, directly.

As said above, we have a small website, where you find additional information about the IndieWebWeek and where we also add recommendations where to stay in Düsseldorf and/or Nürnberg.