How do you switch off?

This is the question Glenn Garriock of FormFifityFive was asking at beyond tellerrand in Berlin. In a short and entertaining video, he collected answers to this question from speakers, attendees, partners … anyone who was part of the event in Berlin. See how they/you switch off.

In this always connected world in which we live, how do you actually switch off? I think that is an interesting question. Do you ever really switch off? Or do you, like I said in the video, love playing with your kids. Do you have your phone in your pocket and constantly react to Tweets or emails even though you wanted to switch off and play with your kids? Do you read a book and really switch your devices off or switch it to silent mode? If you take a walk in the forest or visit a museum, do you really switch off? Or do you take your phone with you to capture photos, to check in on Swarm, or alike?

Sometimes I think we tend to lie to ourselves, when saying we’re switching off. At least I catch myself often enough not really switching off and not focusing on the thing I am doing – e.g. playing with my kids. I am even annoyed sometimes, when my kids then ask me a question while I'm checking the latest notification on my phone. I guess I really have to re-learn to switch off. And you?

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