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First of all: what a great few days in Berlin. I had such a joy and fun in running the second Berlin edition last week. To everybody who gave me feedback: no matter if by talking to me, writing me, writing a blog post, or tweeting, I appreciate all of it and it is the fuel that keeps me running and continuing beyond tellerrand – thanks.

A view from the stage at btconf Berlin

I am about to write a longer post about how I feel after running an event. About the joy during the event, the loneliness and emptiness after the event is over and much more. This blog post, however, is meant to collect all the coverage for the Berlin 2015 edition. Everything I get notice of will be listed below and I keep updating it until nothing more arrives. If you have anything, that should be included, no matter if you have created it yourself or found it, please email me and let me know.

So here we go …

A Few Numbers

Impressions from the exhibition in Berlin

During the event we blew 50 GB up to the internet and sucked 150 GB out of it. Over 840 devices ave been connected with the event wifi during the two days with a number of 427 being the most devices being connected simultaneously. 21 fantastic partners supported the event with blood, sweat and money and paid coffee, a few drinks and snacks at the warm-up for everyone – see bottom of the archive page. 15 official media partner helped and spread the word about the event. 14 volunteers helped onsite to run the event smoothly. Delegates came from 27 different countries including Israel, the Republic of Korea, South Africa, Pakistan, USA and many more. In 23 hours of being in the Admiralspalast, we drank 132 litres of coffee, 98 litres of soft drinks, 161 litres of water, 9 litres of whine, 209 litres of beer and ate 115 pretzel. 1 person won an Apple Watch (thanks to SiteGround in the final raffle – actually two, but the first person did not want to have it – and 3 people are able to attend the next Typo Berlin for free as they won a ticket.


I had three people onsite taking photos. Stefan Nitzsche, Martin Kraft, and Martin Perlbach took some great shots. You can find theirs and everything that was sent to me below.

Blog Posts

I am always amazed by blog posts of attendees, speakers, and partners and how they see and experience the events I run. Here are the blog post I got notice of and I hope to add more soon.


Maggie taking sketchnotes with the Wacom Cintiq Companion 2

Maggie Appleton not only did the core design for this year’s Berlin event, but also brought her Wacom Cintiq Companion to take beautiful sketchnotes. Also Nadine Roßa created really nice sketchnotes, as well as Elyse Viotto … all listed below

A part of the sketchnotes from Chip’s talk by Maggie


The Berlin 2015 pages automatically turn into an archive for the event when it is over. In this archive you find the bio, talk description, slides (if given to me), sketchnotes in music (if produced), and video of her/his talk (if I have permission to publish it). So far the following talks are online:

All other talks will be online as soon as I get the OK from the speakers.

Furthermore a few other videos are work in progress that have been recorded by Andreas Dantz and Glenn Garriock of FormFiftyFive. Online soon.


Since 2013 we have the fantastic Tobi Lessnow (aka Baldower) colorising the event with his sketchnotes in music during the breaks. Everything that he is going to be released will be shown here.

Tobi published the title song of 2015’s Berlin edition.

The second song released is a song featuring Brendan Dawes. What a great track!

Don’t miss to also listen to the tracks of past events at Soundcloud.


Manuel Schmutte being a model for the latest btconf shirt – thanks for the nice shot ;]

If you attended beyond tellerrand before, you know that I always try to have t-shirts for the event, which will not only be worn to sleep in them or to renovate and paint your living room. I hope that choosing designers with a good taste to design the shirts helps to achieve this. In the past I had Holger Lamers, Gio Proietto, James Paterson, Mike Kus, and Jon Burgerman designing the shirt for the attendees.

This year I have asked Martina Flor to design the shirts for five years of beyond tellerrand in Düsseldorf. And because I liked the idea of celebrating a birthday twice a year, I asked her to do a sequel and design another “Five” for beyond tellerrand in Berlin. While I have chosen a black shirt with white print for the thin version of “Five” in Düsseldorf, I decided to go with a little bit more color and went with a night blue shirt and a lime green print.

Opening Titles

Those who attended at beyond tellerrand know that I always have someone creating wonderful opening titles for each event. One reason is to say thanks to the speakers with this, but also I usually hope to set the audience in the right mood for whats coming. This year’s titles are – though all have been really nice so far – some of the best I ever had. From the idea, through the beautifully look & feel and well chosen audio, to the production and realisation. Sebastian Lange did an amazing job and baked a cake where every speaker is one ingredient of it. Thank you, Sebastian!

That’s it for now, November 11. But I am sure I will update this post many times with new coverage. I will mention what I update in a short summary below this post, but add the new coverage above. Please let me know, if I missed something or if you have written or post something.

Thanks for a wonderful beyond tellerrand // BERLIN 2015 and hopefully see you in Düsseldorf in May!

Update 12 November 2015: Added more videos of the talks to the list. Added more coverage: sketchnotes by Nadine Roßa, blog post by Mirjam Bornschein and Pascal and Hauke. Added the amount of what we drank.

Update 16 November 2015: Maggie’s wonderful sketchnotes added. Blog post by Martin Kohlhaas added. Videos of Chip Kidd and Tobias Frere-Jones added. Sketchnotes by Loris Grillet added.

Update 19 November 2015: Added a nice blog post by Nele Hüttermann.

Update 23 November 2015: Added photos by Stefan Nitzsche. Added Video by Glenn Garriock. Added title song of Berlin by Tobi Lessnow (aka Baldower).

Update 25 November 2015: Added video of Steph Troeth's talk.

Update 9 December 2015: Added a new Baldower Song. This time featuring Brendan Dawes.

Update 15 December 2015: Added Brad Frost’s transcript for his talk to the list of blog posts.

Update 17 December 2015: Added photos of Richard Wiggins to the list.

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