Last time, that beyond tellerrand BERLIN is in this theatre

I am really sad, that I got the written confirmation on Saturday, that the rumours about my theatre closing next year became reality.

Photos showing the venue in Berlin
The Studio in the Admiralspalast Berlin

The Admiralspalast in Berlin had three theatres with the F101, which we used for Lunch-Time Sessions, the Studio, which we use for our main show and the big, main theatre. Beginning 2018 I heard, that the upper theatres F101 and Studio, might be shut down and turned into office space. It all was not 100% sure, but since Saturday, when I got a letter from the Admiralspalast, it is safe: No beyond tellerrand in the Admiralspalast in the Studio anymore.

Since 2014 we have had an amazing time in the Admiralspalast and loved that it was is so central in Berlin. With the fifth edition this year, this will come to an end and makes me sad.

But, of course I am already looking into places to be the new home for the Berlin edition. The new venue, of course, should fit the idea and way I run my events and should not be a steril and clean hotel conference room. I am already looking into options since a few months, but obviously my current focus is on the 2018 Berlin edition, which should be a wonderful last edition in this space.

If you have ideas for a venue, please don’t hesitate to let me know.

The venue …

  • … needs to hold around 500 people
  • … should have a good space for the exhibition connected to the theatre
  • … should play into a nice and warm atmosphere

I am thankful for any idea and give my best to find a lovely new home for us in Berlin.

Stay tuned and see you in Berlin!