Manuel Matuzović on beyond tellerrand

I usually am not one of the people reposting the praise you get. But in this case Manuel has written a lovely article about his experience at beyond tellerrand – as an attendee and as a speaker – that I thought I'd love to share this with you and say thanks to Manuel. Thank you for the time to sit down and write this, Manuel.

My event, I think , has a good reputation and is well respected in the “industry” I work in. And yet I struggle to get the “only” 500 tickets sold easily, like it used to be. I mean, other events targeting a much more business oriented audience get tens of thousands of people coming. And they deserve this, son’t get me wrong. Surely beyond tellerrand is not targeting a specific topic and focusing on a special interest, but mixing different fields of business and topics. This actually is the idea! Why not looking at new things, which you usually don’t do, read or hear about every day in your daily business/life to get inspired and excited? Wouldn’t it be boring to eat the same food every day also? In times where social media is controlled by algorithms and somehow dying a slow death (at least it feels like it) and is scattered over many different platforms, I wonder how “small” events like mean are able to reach people outside their bubble? Not even just new people to be the audience of the future, but also those who have been at the events and are following your account(s).

For me, next to the newsletter that I focus on much more these days (a new one coming tomorrow!), word of mouth has been and still is the best, most important and most trustable and authentic way of hearing about beyond tellerrand (or events in general, products, companies, people … you name it).

Therefore: Thank you Manuel for writing this. And surely to anyone who did in the past or will in the future. You are the best!