beyond tellerrand Apparel

If you run a company or an event, like I do, it is great to have long time partners to work with. They know your preferences, who you are and there is trust in each other. Trust in quality, in timings and many more aspects that each new connection needs to earn over time.

One of those long time partners is my friend [Holger Lamers]() and his company Shirt Fab (or Illhill) with which he supports me since the very beginning. He prints all beyond tellerrand apparel such as the 500 attendee t-shirts each event, as well as any extras that I need for certain occasions. I can blindly trust that the artwork created for each event will be printed in the right size at the right position and that the printing quality matches my expectations. Ace.

Collage of the t-shirt design by Holger on the left and attendees of beyond tellerrand on the right with one woman wearing the t-shirt.
Holger created the design for Düsseldorf 2013 and a few attendees always directly wear the new t-shirts – Photo: Martin Kraft

During the last 13 years Holger produced 40 different event t-shirts for me, including those for the team of each event, which sometimes gets the same print, but different color choices and sometimes a completely different design and print. In some years the t-shirts only has a print on the front, rarely on the back and sometimes on both sides. Some of the designs are multi-color prints and some are single color. And Holger even designed one of the t-shirts himself – the “beyond tellerrand gang” in 2013.

Holger at this booth during beyond tellerrand Düsseldorf
Holger at his booth during a Düsseldorf edition – Photo: Martin Kraft

Whenever Holger manages to, he also is onsite with a little silk screen printing workshop and usually prints an extra design, only available at those events, live onsite. Next to this he usually brings some of his own apparel like his Illhill stuff for example.

Through all those years I never had a single complaint and I thought this would be worth a little THANK YOU for Holger. It always is a great joy working with you ;)