Opening Titles for Berlin 2023

Ever since I started beyond tellerrand, I ask someone to create opening titles. These opening titles – short movies with the names of each speaker, like titles for a film – are the very first thing attendees get to see on the morning of day one, even before I get on stage to say hello.

One screen of the opening titles for Berlin 2023 and you can see a white plate on a read background, an orange fork and violett knife on the right next to it and a dark violett spoon on top left above it. On the plate it states “beyond tellerrand Berlin 2023 in red letters.
Opening Titles for Berlin 2023

This year the titles have been done by Pikdrei and Brokensound. I think they did a great job with a short, snappy and uplifting title sequence. Tobias, of Pikdrei, describes this as follows:

Our basic idea was the theme of inspiration and the associated creative process that every creative person knows: from the first idea to the final result, including the setbacks and discarding of approaches, rethinking and changing direction. In the end, it developed into a kind of abstract journey – literally “beyond the tellerrand”.

I think they did a fabulous job and here is the final result that you enjoy now (volume up!) …