The Schedule for Düsseldorf 2023 is Online

Those of you who know me or how I run beyond tellerrand know, how much I care about the schedule for each event. Tuesday last week, after sitting at the schedule for a few days already – not continuously, but moving talks around and letting it rest for a day and so on – I had written Bastian and showed him what I liked most so far. I said, I gonna sleep a night over that one and if I would still like it, I’d release it.

Well … I moved things around a bit more, but I ended up with the one I sent to Bastian on Tuesday. I never know if things really fall into place as they do in my head, when I think about the people giving the presentations and imagining their talks, but I hope this one will again.

I am happy to present you the schedule for Düsseldorf 2023.

Here are links to both days in addition:

See you in Düsseldorf!