Scholarship Tickets for Düsseldorf 2018

As for any of the past events, we have a number of scholarship tickets for beyond tellerrand which are meant to be for people, who otherwise could not afford to attend events. Write a bit about you and your background, to make it easy for us to understand, why you need a scholarship ticket.

The difference to other years, where we cover the ticket only is, that this year Chris Heilmann did not want to have his speaker fee for Munich and we decided to put it towards hotel cost for two of the scholarship tickets. This means: two of the tickets will also have two nights of hotel including breakfast being covered. Please make up your mind and think about, if you really need the hotel as well or if it is already helping enough for you if the ticket is covered. Thanks.

BTW: Do you know that there is a platform called Diversity Tickets on which many events are listed, offering diversity or scholarship tickets? A good overview with information and many events.