beyond tellerrand – A Documentary

Earlier this year Stefan Nitzsche came to me with the idea of creating a documentary about beyond tellerrand and the way I run it. I liked the idea and the sound of it, but I am not a huge fan of seeing me on photos or video, even though you get used to looking shit on media over the years. But he definitely caught my attention and we decided to have a first meeting to discuss the basics of the film.

I know Stefan for quite a while and trust him fully. One early morning we met for breakfast somewhere in the nowhere together with his friend Andreas Brüggemann, who, together with Stefan, would shoot the movie. If you have ever been involved in creating such a film, no matter how short, you know, that you need loads of material to choose from and create a final film from in the end. So we discussed the general voice and tone of the film, the core idea behind it and I was ready to give it a go.

Stefan and Andreas visited me a couple of times and followed my day with their cameras and a microphone. They captured the earlier days, before running my ninth edition of beyond tellerrand, the days close to the event, where my full focus is completely on this event to get everything up and running and they filmed at the show in Düsseldorf.

As said, I don’t like to see and hear myself in a film, but I think they created a lovely trailer of what is coming up in late 2020, the tenth year of running beyond tellerrand. Thanks to both, Stefan and Andreas, for making it comfortable and easy to speak about things and to be recorded while working in an intimate environment.

So, here is the trailer of ”beyond tellerrand – A Documentary”

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