Shopify Pursuit

Last year I was travelling with my long-time partners and friends Shopify and was part of their “A Day with Shopify” Tour. As I mentioned before on my blog, I wasn’t expecting the topics to be that diverse and how much more than only an eCommerce platform Shopify actually is. Therefore I’d like to mention their actual tour called Pursuit (my photos on their website 😉) stopping in these cities this time:

  • New York City, USA (Sept 20-21)
  • London, UK (Oct 1-2)
  • Berlin, GER (Oct 8-9)
  • Melbourne, AUS (Nov 8-9)
  • Bangalore, IND (Nov 22-23)

I myself am only part of the team and take photos in London and Berlin this year. So I’d be happy to meet you there. And again: if you think, that this event is nothing for you, as it is only about eCommerce, then let me tell you that you are wrong. It is a full day conference targeting their partner program, of which you can be part as well btw. And I was honestly astonished about what kind of its own eco system this is. Many different facets of anything eCommerce related, but also a lot of other things like growth, ownership and also development topics targeting theming, app development and more.

Next to the talks and the conference, there is much more of course. Networking in the first place – and probably a good place to make new friends and business partners – but also things like Office Hours, where you can book time 1:1 with a team member of Shopify. Or an Evening Meetup on one of the evenings and Master Classes, which are half-day workshops by some of the actual Shopify partners.

So, check it out and get information and your ticket here (and meet me in London and/or Berlin).