A Slack channel or not?

I ask myself for while, if the attendees of beyond tellerrand would actually benefit from having a Slack channel. I have seen this at many events these days, that they introduce a Slack channel to communicate, exchange and as questions. But I find myself never using them. However, I see many other people using them.

Therefore, not wanting to be the grumpy old man, being stubborn and saying ”I don’t want it, so I won’t use it for beyond tellerrand” I thought of asking you, the attendees, if they want/need one.

Also I did not want to throw a channel at you and then making the attendees to use one, even though they get all information they need in emails plus maybe just did not want to install Slack just for the event, but feeling they otherwise miss something.

I made a very short survey for to this question and you are helping with clicking on yes or no and maybe giving your short reason for choosing what you have chosen. Thanks a lot!

This way to the survey …

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