IndieWebCamp Düsseldorf 2016

I came across an article on Jeremy Keith’s website, in which he was writing about the IndieWebCamp in Nuremberg that recently took place and which I sadly had to miss out as I am completely swamped with work for the upcoming beyond tellerrand in Düsseldorf. From what I read everybody who was part of the camp in Nuremberg had a fabulous time. Not that I expected anything else, seeing that Joschi organised it and also made it possible that Aaron, Tantek and Jeremy could be part of it, but it makes me happy to see, that more and more people hear about and experience the idea behind the IndieWeb thinking.

Jeremy’s article also made me think that I should promote the IndieWebCamp in Düsseldorf once more. First of all because maybe not everybody was able to attend the one in Nuremberg and did not get notice of the one in Düsseldorf yet (please spread the word!), then also because so far 45 seats of 60 possible seats are taken, which means we still have space left and last but not least, because even if you did not have the chance to grab a ticket for beyond tellerrand itself and now are part of the huge waiting list, you are – of course – invited to attend the IndieWebCamp (or any other Side Event) also without having a btconf ticket.

If you have no idea what I am talking about, then you should definitely visit the IndieWebCamp Wiki to learn about the IndieWeb. Or, if you speak German, you can read the article “Unsre Daten. Unser Netz.” by Joschi or watch his talk “Deine Daten. Dein Netz.” from the Webkongress Erlangen.

If you now ask yourself, where do I have to be, what does it cost and when does it start, here are the answers:

  • When: Saturday, May 7th and Sunday May 8th
  • Where: sipgate offices, Gladbacher Straße 74, Düsseldorf
  • Hosts: Aaron, Tantek and Jeremy
  • Cost: Absolutely free! Food and drinks as well as venue are all provided by the fantastic people at sipgate
  • Registration: Please register here and add yourself to the Guest List as well.
  • Additional Information: IndieWeb Wiki

For any other questions, please don’t hesitate to write me and I am happy to help.

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