Thanks for Your Support in 2023

After the tough times during the pandemic, we are finally back to running events with a full house. This would not be possible with the help and financial support of our partners. In times, where recruiting is no top priority it means even more, if companies like the ones from last year, support beyond tellerrand.

Main Partners

Without the help of the following headline partners we won’t be able to run beyond tellerrand. Thanks so much for your massive support in 2023.

Lexware logo

One of the new teams in the boat is Lexware. They directly went all in and supported the full year as Global Partner for all beyond tellerrand activities including Berlin’s and Düsseldorf’s main events. I say “of the new teams”, but next to teaming up as a partner, they had a feature about me and beyond tellerrand in their “Tell Your Story” magazine, which was later featured in “Die Zeit” also (do you recognise the photo? ;) ).

Storyblok logo

In the same way, but for many years now, the lovely people from Storyblok supported the btconf community. A massive round of applause for them either!

Sipgate logo

For Düsseldorf we had and have support from the wonderful team at sipgate. They support us for many years and next to serving tasty coffee at the event, they are here with open arms and ears for us!

Wacom logo

Wacom also belongs du den long-time partners. For three years in a row we were able to use their Düsseldorf Experience Center as our home for Düsseldorf Warm-Up in the night before beyond tellerrand takes place. Massive help and great for the community!

On this note: we are currently looking for a Warm-Up host and partner for this year, 2024, in Düsseldorf. Please get in touch, if you are interested to hear more

Gold Partners

Next to this we had more wonderful partners and supporters such as the Gold Partners denkwerk. They were on board in the early years and are back now to be part of the beyond tellerrand community. They supported both events in Düsseldorf and in Berlin!

In Berlin avenga also has been part of the supporting family.

More Partners

The city of Düsseldorf and Berlin also supported beyond tellerrand as well as local agencies and companies such as reinorange and Riege Software

I can only repeat my biggest Thank YOU in this post. Not only for 2023 in most of the cases, but especially for 2023 since beyond tellerrand really needs your support.

Partnership packages don’t have to be massively financial investments. The virtual packages start with €500 already and are really, really a big help already. If you want to now more about how to team up with beyond tellerrand, please let us know and get in touch. Thanks you for considering this!