Tomorrow, Monday, 30 September 2019, Tickets for Düsseldorf Go on Sale

About ten years ago, I started to think about going full time into event organising. I had the idea of an event with a colourful and exciting mix, addressing web-, technology-, and design-interested people equally.

Photo showing Marc Thiele on stage in front of the audience in Düsseldorf
beyond tellerrand in Düsseldorf for the 10th time in 2020 – photo by Florian Ziegler

Now, in 2019, I am about to kick off tickets sales for the tenth event. Well, this is not exactly the tenth anniversary, I know, but it is the tenth time I organise and run this event.

I won’t release any of the speakers that are planned for the event, but you really have to trust me once more: it is going to be a fantastic event again! I have planned a lot and hope that we’ll be able to celebrate the tenth edition in the way it should be. I am still focusing on the content and planning of Berlin’s 2019 edition as this is a completely new venue and I am facing a lot of challenges a kind-of first time event in a city is facing. But this should not stop you from getting your Early Bird ticket for €199 tomorrow. I was asked two years ago, if that all is faked as tickets sell so quick, but promised: it is not.

So, set your alarms for 10am tomorrow morning to get your ticket for Düsseldorf.