Wacom Connected Ink 2020

Image showing the key visual for Wacom’s Connected Ink event with yellow letter spread over the image spelling the event’s name

Our friends from Wacom are taking their Connected Ink event online as well. A complete day, yes, 24 hours, of events streamed from various places in the world, starting at the Shinjuku Sumitomi Building Sankaku Hiroba in Tokyo.

Connected Ink is Wacom’s main event about digital ink, where they collaborate with partners from arts, technology, stationary, and education to embrace “Creative Chaos”, as they state.

As it is a free event, why not checking the program, which includes talks, art, dance performances and much more around digital transformation and ink technology.

Registration is only open until November 15th, so be quick if you like what you read here.

A Few Facts and Useful Links