Adobe MAX 2020 – Online and for Free

It has been a while since I attended Adobe MAX in Los Angeles and other cities. In these difficult and crazy times, though, it won’t happen either. But Adobe is going to bring MAX to you instead and you don’t need to leave your cozy home, spend money on flights and hotel and so on.

Yes, I know, that this is not really a replacement for in-person events. I miss them too. I miss meeting people, the conversations in the hallway between the actual presentations and much more. Well, it is like it is and it won’t be smart to meet with so many people right now.

Illustration showing an Adobe MAX logo by Omar Aqil

Let’s meet online instead. Adobe is going to offer a crazy amount of session and some interesting and also big names are on their rooster. And the best part: it all is completely free. Join in from October 20–22 and see you there.

A Few Facts and Useful Links